About Us


RegionalCollab’s expertise lies in Project Management, Human Resources, Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, Strategic Development, and Management across a broad range of programs and projects. We are an innovative and enterprising solutions based business focused on corporate, community and government sectors and are passionate about Rural, Regional and Remote Australia and aim to be the facilitators to growth.

Our founders in this work are Annie Harris, who is a Human Resources and Management Specialist. She has worked in both the private, government and higher education sectors and has strong capabilities in identifying and building business development opportunities in line with strategic objectives, conducting research, analysing data, preparing recommendations for projects and undertaking project rollout and Rechelle Leahy who provides a broad range of technical expertise and specialist advice to government, and other institutions on policy, strategy, research and advocacy in key areas of social policy including gender equality, disability services, domestic violence, rural and regional workforce planning and employment, and technological and communications access focussing on the needs of RRR women and girls of Australia through RegionalCollab, and as a representative on many Boards and Committees.